“I have just one word to describe my recent Akashic reading with Christy. That word is “magical”. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to open my soul and gain powerful knowledge about myself and my life choices. Christy was an excellent guide that helped to direct and  empower me to take myself in a healthier direction. Her gentle spirit and kind manner allowed me to move through a variety of vulnerable emotions without any feelings of concern or fear. The realizations that I was given during this reading have shaped my life and impacted it in a very positive manner. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to learn more about myself and discover how to live a more fulfilling and abundant life.”

— Fredericksburg, VA

“In the work I’ve done with Christy over the last few months, she has been able to help me with changing patterns of thinking that were keeping me stuck and preventing me from having the breakthroughs I needed in my business and life. Through her intuitive guiding, I’ve been able to create the changes that support my goals and purpose which has in turn resourced me to empower my clients more effectively. I’m very grateful for this experience!”

— B. G., Speaker, Leadership Trainer and Life Coach

“Christy is a sensitive soul that puts you at ease right from the onset of the session.   In my case, she connected me to a very specific guide that was both a great surprise and at the same time made perfect sense to the point of explaining why I am where I am on my journey up until this very moment!  It felt like she had opened a door to something very old and very new at the same time. I have been processing this work we did together for several weeks in a bit of disbelief at the accuracy of her reading and have been uncovering layers of truths.  In addition, she guided me to open dialogue with this particular guide…..I have followed her advice and it has been like opening the door to my destiny! Wow! All I can say is Christy is a powerful channel with the grace of a hummingbird and If you have the opportunity to work with her, It will be a gift you won’t soon forget”

— Nella Bombardieri