Intuitive Healings

Have you ever felt like you are on the verge of something big but don’t quite know what it is? Perhaps you feel blocked or you’re struggling with a relationship or in another area of your life?

Each one of us has the wisdom that we need inside and can access this wisdom or intuition at any time. When one is emotionally attached to the outcome of a particular situation, this process often gets tricky and can be challenging to work through. Opening to support from others can be helpful in uncovering truths that one might have resistance to because of past pains or trauma.

I have been growing my intuition on a deeper level for several years through my spiritual practice and daily life. It’s like a muscle that can be worked and strengthened. This process has been immensely beneficial in my own life and I have learned how to access my intuition in a way that is not only imperative to my spiritual growth, but also helpful to others.

When I offer an intuitive healing, I become a channel for my client and access that which the individual’s guides want them to know at that particular time. For example, during one healing for a client a very specific image of a dandelion came up. The dandelion is symbolic of alertness, clear communication, Mother (Gaia, Goddess, one’s own mother or being a mother), shedding light, solar aspects and the lion (representing pride and courage), and it has a positive influence. This information was very meaningful to my client based on what she was going through at the time. Previously, my client had signed up for an art class, which was scheduled for the day following the reading. The art teacher had the class paint the exact same image that I had described to my client during the reading. This confirmed what my client’s guides were communicating. Later, my client mentioned that she had no idea why she was signing up for the class but it all makes sense now.

I have been working with clients from across the globe and from all walks of life. My  intuitive healings usually last about an hour and can be done over the phone or in person. For more information, please contact me at: