Healing Sessions

Have you ever felt like you are on the verge of something big but don’t quite know what it is? Perhaps you feel blocked or you’re struggling with a relationship or in another area of your life? Each one of us has the wisdom that we need inside and can access this wisdom or intuition at any time. When one is emotionally attached to the outcome of a particular situation, this process often gets tricky and can be challenging to work through. Opening up and accepting support from others can be helpful to uncover truths because of past pain or trauma.

I have been growing my intuition on a deeper level for several years through my spiritual practice and daily life. It’s like a muscle that can be worked and strengthened. This process has been immensely beneficial in my own life and I have learned how to access my intuition in a way that is not only imperative to my spiritual growth, but also helpful to others. When I offer an intuitive healing, I become a channel for my client and access that which the individual wants and needs to hear at that time.

At the beginning of the first session, I explain what to expect, what a session entails, how the process works, and next steps. The individual or group enters into sacred space where information comes through and specific challenges are addressed. Problems that occur now always stem from past pain and trauma. I unpack details of the triggering situation that allows the individual to shift perspective and understand, on an energetic level, the problem differently. Once this happens, trauma that has been stored in the individual’s cell memory is released and healing takes place.

I also receive information about next steps. Once healing takes place, people need time to rest, process, integrate and assimilate into the new. An individual’s point of attraction shifts, which can create change in relationship interactions and decisions regarding work or every day activities and priorities. When people begin vibrating at a higher frequency, life can get topsy-turvy for a while. Information is received to help navigate this process. Everything that someone needs to move forward becomes evident and manifests, whether it’s money, a new job, new relationships or ways of relating to loved-ones, a move, or new creative expression.

For more information, please contact me at: birthingnewdimensions@gmail.com