Group Healing 


Latitude Yoga Co.

2777 Jefferson Davis Hwy #105

Stafford, VA 22554


Saturday, May 18th

2:00 – 5:00 pm



Group healings include an educational component and a healing component. The education piece includes information about the work and describes how I receive information, what to expect, what a session entails, and time for Q&A. The group enters into sacred space where I receive informational transmissions and address specific problems people are experiencing. Problems that occur now always stem from past pain/trauma. I unpack details of the triggering situation that allows the individual to shift perspective and understand, on an energetic level, the problem differently. Once this happens, the pain/trauma that has been stored in the individual’s cell memory is released and healing takes place. People might get sick after a session. This is an expected reaction and it is the body’s way of purging old, stuck energy. You can reserve your spot by contacting Latitude Yoga Co. at:

Christy offers free 15 minute telephone consults to those who might be interested in individual or group Healings but are not sure if it’s in alignment at this time.

If you have questions, please email: