Birthing Awareness

Through my doula career and work as a childbirth professional, as well as facilitating group and individual healing sessions with people from around the globe, I have learned that the number one reason labour will stall is due to unprocessed emotional trauma. Stalled labour refers to a period of time labour slows down or stops completely after a consistent contraction pattern has been established. This period of time could be brief or it could last for several hours, impeding labour progress.

Stalled labour can occur due to circumstances of the actual birth, which is why choosing the right birthing environment, midwife or OBGYN for you is so important. Often, labour will stall as a result of unprocessed emotional pain and trauma. This pain and trauma could reach as far back as the labouring person’s own birth – from the mother’s pregnancy and birth process – to early childhood, adolescence and onward.

The most effective method to address past pain and trauma prior to labour is to become aware of it and begin working through it before or during pregnancy. Perhaps the trauma occurred at a very young age or was so painful the person disassociated from it. How does one become aware of past pain and trauma that one has not fully processed?

During a group healing, Christy creates a safe space of trust and understanding. She opens the group with a prayer and gently guides a brief meditation where she feels into each participant’s chakras. Intuitively, she identifies areas in the body where one might be storing unprocessed emotion and how this unprocessed energy is manifesting now. Then, Christy goes back and uncovers circumstances and events that triggered these sensitivities and emotions. Once that cellular memory is unlocked, participants come to realisations on their own and perceptions shift. Christy also discusses integration and next steps. Only that which needs to come through does, so it’s never too much or unmanageable. This is deep inner work that can help people release old patterns that no longer serve them. Please wear comfortable clothes, bring water, a pen and paper for notes, and an open mind. Please arrive on time.

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