Akashic Record Healings

In How to Read the Akashic Records, Linda Howe describes the Akashic Records as “…a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey.”

When aligned vibrationally with this body of knowledge, one has the ability to access information written in the Records. When someone opens to the Records, that person moves beyond human consciousness to Divine consciousness where perception shifts and one can then integrate these perceptions into their current experience.

Just as one can access information from the Records for oneself, one can also access the Records for other individuals, animals or places. Reading the Akashic Records for others is a privilege that I take very seriously and carries enormous responsibility.

How to prepare for the Healing: You don’t have to do anything to prepare for the Healing. However, you can decide on a particular problem or situation beforehand that you’d like to address during the healing. You can also think of questions you’d like answered. Usually, yes/no questions or time-related (when) questions do not get answered. The most useful questions to ask are what, why and how questions.

What happens during an Akashic Record Healing: Energy travels on the spoken word. Saying the backstory of the problem or situation while the Records are open is the first layer of the healing process. After I open the Records with a prayer and brief meditation, I will invite you to share the backstory of what is on your mind, whether you come up with it before the healing or after the Records are open. When you are finished sharing, information determining causes and conditions of the problem or situation will be revealed. If needed, I will guide you in formulating questions to receive the most useful information from the Records that supports the highest growth potential of your soul and the souls of everyone connected to you. Once this phase of the healing is complete, I will ask the Records how you are seen through the eyes of the Records. This is always a very powerful part of the Healing. When finished, I will close with another prayer.

What to bring to a Healing: It is important to bring a pen and notebook to take notes or to write down thoughts to remember while the Records are open. It is also important to bring drinking water and a small snack because water and food are both grounding and will help you centre. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring an open mind.

I offer 15 minute free information sessions so that you can decide if an Akashic Record Healing is right for you.

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