About Christy Escher


I began my career working as a Birth and Postpartum Doula where I supported mothers bringing babies into the world. Maternal and child health soon became my passion so I worked at various non-profits supporting mothers and babies. After about seven years, I left my work as a full-time grant writer to follow my heart and venture on my Journey of Love, a journey around the United States that took several months.

While on my journey, I tuned into my gifts as an Intuitive and reader of the Akashic Records. I have since founded Birthing New Dimensions, a platform from which I assist people in bringing about self-awareness. I am able to do this by accessing information and channeling guidance from higher realms. Through this process, I help people shift perspective to see situations and problems differently so that healing can take place. This is an empowering process as it supports growth and coming to aha moments through inner work.

I offer both intuitive and Akashic Record healings, supporting people from all walks of life including small business owners, life coaches, healers or those seeking clarity on their spiritual path.



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