A Shake Up That’s A Wake Up


When life gets shaky, stay grounded and trust. Life has been shaky for many lately. We see evidence of this around the globe; in the political arena, in the media, in our communities and in our personal lives. How does one stay grounded at times like this? How does one trust at times like this?

That on which we focus our attention will continue to manifest. If we focus on the negative, on the false notion of duality, of division – us versus them, rich versus poor, black versus white, christian versus muslim, gun owner versus gun non-owner – more of the same will manifest in our experience. We will continue to see these differences as a means to divide ourselves from one another. This division is puppetry. It is choosing to be controlled like a puppet.

This sense of division creates weakness and fear. This sense of division creates a world where anger and hatred rule the show and powerlessness prevails; and the notion is not real.

What’s real is that we are all ONE.

We are all of the Divine.

Our power lies in realising, fully accepting and appreciating this truth. Our power lies in realising what we can accomplish when each one of us focusses on our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of all others. Our power lies in accepting and unconditionally loving ourselves and all of humanity as we love ourselves. Our power lies in lifting each other up and encouraging the other to find and live their life’s purpose and move toward their highest potential. Our power lies in making sure the needs of every single human being on this planet are met, that each of us have not only food, clothing and shelter, but all resources to flourish. Our power lies in treating our neighbours as we would treat ourselves. As Gandhi said, “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.

Now, this false sense of duality can dissolve and our oneness recognised.

With Love,



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