Fully Embracing our Raw Selves

A. Lundin

The raw parts of ourselves are those unhealed parts, those parts that lay open feeling vulnerable, those parts that need tender loving care over and over again. Then, more tender loving care, as much as it takes to finally let go and open up into a space of healing.

Often times, those are the parts of us from which we distract ourselves, that we run away from over and over again, while at the same time creating situations that add more pain to the rawness we already feel. Why do we do this? We do this to create a space in time that feels so unbearable that we have no other option but to give ourselves permission to break free from what has kept us in bondage for so long. It’s a glorious process and opening that allows release.

Often, the initiating circumstance that triggered these feelings and ways of being in the world began during childhood, perhaps a different incarnation or even ancestral pain from which we now have the privilege of breaking free. We carry these wounds in our psyches and in cell memory, thereby recreating the same patterns in adulthood. It’s those times we might ask ourselves, ‘why the heck am I doing this? I have promised myself never to enter into a relationship like this again, and here I am in the exact same situation’.

When we allow ourselves to break free from one of these holdings, like breaking up a relationship, the action opens a perfect opportunity to do the work. It’s often the time we feel most raw and vulnerable, in a space of deep pain and sadness. This is the juicy moment that allows us to meander deep into the underworld, down where we can feel all that we can feel and ask ourselves questions that will ultimately liberate us. While allowing ourselves to feel the pain, asking, ‘why do I feel this pain so deeply? What memories lay deep in the unconscious that needs to come up into the light? What experiences need to be given a voice? What are the parts of me I need to love unconditionally, those parts of me that I am calling up to reclaim and love, love deeper, and even deeper?’

Give yourself time and quiet space and these questions will get answered. Two ways in which I have found healing and answers are through dreamwork and working with the Akashic Records. Setting intension before falling asleep at night that your guides will allow you to receive information during the dream state and that you will remember the dreams upon awaking, having a pen and notebook ready when you wake up, writing the dreams down and then meditating on them can be unmeasurably useful in discovering those parts of yourself that lay buried.

Opening and accessing the Akashic Records is another way information can come into awareness. You can access the Records yourself or request someone else whom you trust access the Records for you. If you’d like more information on how to access the Records yourself or if you’d like an Akashic Record Healing from me, please reach out. I offer 15 minute free information sessions over the phone where I will answer questions you might have. If you’re still interested at that point, we can schedule a full Akashic Record healing for you. I can be reached at birthingnewdimensions@gmail.com

With Love,


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