The Power of Nature


Above, is the image of a turtle laying eggs. I recently moved into a new (old) home. The day I arrived with my belongings, I walked into the backyard and watched a turtle lay eggs, looked up and saw a Red Tailed Hawk fly right in front of my face. Both turtle and hawk symbolism is powerful and their greeting was the perfect homecoming!

The turtle is known for endurance, determination, protection, strength, the feminine, motherhood and Divinity. The hawk is a messenger and is known for intuition, vision, power, protection and rebirth. This is all very significant as I move into the next phase of my journey.

I have recently moved back into a house I lived in over 13 years ago. Since that time, much has changed; however, I now find myself right back where I started but with a whole new appreciation for everyone and everything involved.

It’s a long and pretty amazing story (I think anyway). But for now, I want to leave you with this: Trust your journey. Trust your path. Trust when inspired by the Divine, even when you and everyone around you thinks you’re crazy. I had to up and leave. I have undergone many trials along the way and have been protected every step. I have been reborn through the experience. I receive animal symbolism as messages from the Divine as evidence I am on the right path. It feels like I have tapped my heels together three times and arrived back home.

With Love,


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