Stepping into an Opening


No matter how it appears from the outside, when an opening happens and it feels right, it’s right. If this situation unfolded at a different time, in a different way, under different conditions, it would feel different. The magic in the timing, the unfolding and everything about it is blowing my mind. If someone told me a year ago that this would be happening now, I would not have believed them. So, how do I know it’s right?

I feel it. I trust it.

The Divine is opening a door for tremendous healing, growth, love, appreciation and trust on levels I have not yet experienced and I am forever grateful. It’s happening and I am buckling up! It’s time!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Re-Birthing Ourselves


Many of us have gone through the courtship phase of relationship with ourselves. We have gone through the committed relationship phase, the marriage and honeymoon phase, the consummation phase, and we have gone through the pregnancy phase. Now! Now we find ourselves going through active labour with ourselves. With spirit. With life. What do I mean by this?

We are re-birthing ourselves into a higher vibrational place. Into a place where we see ourselves and the world differently than we did before. We are perceiving reality from a higher frequency and we have to adjust our physical bodies and lives to be in alignment with the new reality.

The best way I can think of to illustrate this is to give a personal example.

Years ago, I was unhappy with life. I was unhappy with myself. I was in an unhappy relationship. I would go on two hour runs with a friend, come home, feel some relief, then wonder how I was going to change course. The courtship phase of relationship with myself was realising I was not happy, that I was not fulfilling my life’s purpose and did not know where to begin. It was like dating. You meet someone, go on a few dates and realise, no, this person is not the one, I am going to keep trying. I realised that version of myself was not truly who I was, who I wanted to be with, and I needed to find the me who’s in alignment with Source, the me who is happy and fulfilling my life’s purpose, the real me.

After a run one Monday night, I decided to listen to an interview Oprah had with Eckhart Tolle, an interview that changed the course of my life. I don’t recall details but I remember thinking to myself that this is it. Now or never. I am committing to myself regardless of the difficulties and challenges that will arise. Somehow I will get through. The committed relationship phase of this process was deciding that I am important enough to embark on this sacred journey with myself. I did not know what was to come but I began the process of working on myself, my spiritual path, and taking baby-steps to change my life.

The marriage phase was going through highs and lows, sometimes falling off the wagon but picking myself up, dusting off and starting again. I was in it for better or worse. I was committed. This phase lasted a long time and included many ups and downs. Some of the ups included new friendships and experiences, retreats, finding myself, and enjoying the simple things life had to offer. Some of  the lows included health issues, the ending of relationships and not being fulfilled at work resulting in the decision to quit my job and embark on my Journey of Love.

The moment I took this step, embarking on the journey, the honeymoon phase kicked in. My heart was crying for such an opportunity. When I concurred my fears, listened to my heart and put my trust and faith in God, moments of synchronicity began unfolding like never before. I was happy. I was enjoying life. I felt at peace with myself. I was learning who I really was. The more these moments happened, the more I trusted and the more faith I had. As Jesus said, it only takes faith as small as a mustard seed to move mountains. If what one desires is in alignment with the Divine, nothing will be impossible.

While on my Journey of Love, traveling the United States, the consummation phase happened. This was when the aha moment hit. When, with  crystal clarity, I became aware of my life’s purpose. My life’s purpose took seed in my heart. It happened at a bookstore in Colorado. I picked up Linda Howe’s book, ‘How to Read the Akashic Records. Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey’. This is a moment I will never forget as I suddenly became aware of my life’s purpose. It deepened my faith in God and my knowingness of the reason I am here.

Pregnancy. Ah, pregnancy. This phase has been about starting my work and doing intuitive and Akashic Record readings for myself and others. Watching myself grow in confidence and ability, watching my gifts blossom and watching myself expand with life and abundance. This process has truly been a miracle. It has been a gift from the Divine. The pregnancy phase has also been about purging. It has been about getting ready for re-birth and this new way of being through vomiting fears, toxic relationships, old ways of coping and past experiences that no longer serve me.

Now comes active labour. The truth is, I am not yet sure what this phase will bring but it’s sure part of the birthing process. We are in it and it’s only just begun. I have a feeling it’s going to be intense, as labour is. I am prepared. I am ready. I have faith. Breathe, breathe deeply every step of the way. Practice self-care. Rest. Move. Nourish with food and water. Welcome support from others. Connect with self. Connect with Nature. Align with Goddess. Align with Mother.

The dandelion is symbolic of Mother and of the lion, representing courage. If you find yourself in a moment of despair, remember it is temporary. Walk barefoot on the grass. Align with Mother. Align with Mother. Align with Mother. Blow on a dandelion and say a prayer. Know that Goddess is with you always, supporting and guiding you through this re-birthing process.


With Love,