Christ Consciousness


Many faith traditions have exalted Jesus in various ways from viewing Him as a prophet to believing that He is the Son of God. Many people from various cultures across the globe feel a powerful connection with Jesus. Jesus embodied the Divine the way many of us strive to do daily. The way in which we experience Christ is shifting. What do I mean by this?

Up until now, many have viewed and experienced Christ through the patriarchal, male dominated lens. This has been the case to further the male dominated structure in which we live. The collective perception of Christ in this way has caused a divide between the Divine and the material plane, between the masculine and feminine, between reason and feeling. What needs to happen, and what is happening now, is that a balance is manifesting between these two energies. Both the masculine and the feminine has its place.
What’s happening now is that the feminine is rising and coming into balance with the masculine. As this process unfolds, the way we are aware of Jesus is shifting also. Jesus was a man who embodied both the masculine and the feminine in perfect symmetry. He embodied the Divine and the material, reason and feeling.
As we move into a more feminine way of being, we are moving toward a feeling-based reality; where, in order to reach the Divine, getting in touch with ourselves, with our bodies, and with the way our bodies connect with Gaia, with Mother Earth, would be immensely helpful. This might seem contrary to what one might think. Many have put much effort into concentrating energy upward and out in order to reach spiritual freedom, to reach spiritual awakening.
What is happening now is the realisation that we can reach spiritual awakening through concentrating energy inward and down, connecting with Mother Earth, a process through which we can encounter the Divine and bring Christ Consciousness to the earth in a holistic and balanced way. We can do this by recognising the sacredness of all living beings. We can do this by unconditionally loving each other, even those we perceive to cause us pain and suffering. Loving unconditionally means loving without conditions. We can do this by recognising the beauty and vastness of Mother Earth, that She provides for our needs every second of every day and that She needs to be protected, taken care of and cherished for the Mother that she is. We do this by feeling our way there! After all, we are all One. By recognising this sacredness, we recognise the Divine that is us.
Through this rooting, this grounding, this reality-based awareness, through translating Divine communication onto the material plane and giving words to it, articulating it, we can find spiritual freedom. Through this process we can have a deeper and more powerful connection with God.
With Love,

Emotional Release Affects Physical Health


Recently, I wrote a blog post about nutrition issues I’ve had. To elaborate a little further, I decided to get support and guidance from  a healthcare provider to help me with a couple of these health concerns. During my first appointment, through a variety of testing, the healthcare provider told me that my body was unable to effectively absorb nutrition from food. I left the appointment wondering if the change in diet and recommended supplements would be enough to help. We set up a second appointment for three days later for retesting and to go over recommendations.

That night, I had a conversation with a dear friend that triggered emotional trauma I had been experiencing for lifetimes and most recently, throughout the past couple of years. I went to bed thinking about it and woke up in the middle of the night dreaming about it. I decided to finally face it!

I laid in bed, closed my eyes and put a blank whiteboard in front of my minds’ eye. I asked myself, ‘where do I feel these feelings of pain and loss?’ I felt them in my solar plexus, not my heart. This led me to ponder the idea that these feelings are fear-based as opposed to love-based. I went deeper and asked myself more questions like, ‘why am I struggling to release this?’ I looked at the situation playing out on the whiteboard, feelings and all, facing it and looking at it more, feeling it intensely, all the while asking more questions and waiting to truly feel and know the answers.

I did an Akashic Record reading for myself, explored the initiating circumstance that led to the most recent dynamic. I had a profound breakthrough. I had woken up at 2 am and did not go back to sleep. This process took a while but I was ready and it was time. I was able to release lifetimes of fear, pain, loss and suffering. The entire process of release had been going on for several months and that night, it reached its tipping point. I realised that due to these fears, I was not allowing myself to be nourished on an emotional level, and consequently, on a physical level.

A day or two later I went back for my second appointment. The healthcare provider re-tested me and lo and behold, the issue that was causing my body to not effectively absorb nutrition from food was no longer an issue. The provider said that she has never seen anything like this before. She retested one last time just to make sure, and sure enough, the issue was no longer an issue.

The emotions we hold on to, affect our physical bodies. Often times, seeing a healthcare provider is very important and it’s only part of the holistic solution. It’s important to work on the emotional stuff holding us back in conjunction with the physical part. Sometimes seeing a talk-therapist or energy healer is a good option and sometimes doing an Akashic Record reading might be the right choice, if it resonates. Any modality that gets to the core  emotional issue resulting in the physical condition could be a potential option, as long as the practitioner and modality both resonate with you. Often, if we simply try dealing with the physical manifestation of the issue, it’s dealing with the symptom only, rather than dealing with the cause and the symptom.

Through releasing the toxic emotional stuff I was holding on to, my physical body was able to heal and release the resulting physical manifestation of it.

If you would like to learn more about Akashic Record readings, I offer free 15 minute information sessions. The fee for a session (lasting approximately one hour with 30 minutes for processing) is $125. During this time of Venus retrograde until April 15th, I am offering sessions in exchange for any donation or trade/barter that feels comfortable to you. I am looking forward to hearing your trade/barter ideas 🙂

In Love,


Kundalini Awakening


Kundalini is primal energy located and stored at the base of the spine. When an individual is ready, Kundalini energy awakens and will coil from the base of the spine up and around the spinal column until it reaches the crown for the purpose of attaining spiritual enlightenment. Many spiritual traditions have practices to awaken Kundalini energy. For some, these practices are not necessary and when ready, the energy will take on a life of its own. Often, people go through a series of very challenging life circumstances during this time.
I have been intrigued by the idea of Kundalini energy for several years, going through phases of learning more and reading about others’ experiences. As I have been on my spiritual path, I have realised that I started going through the Kundalini awakening process seven years ago when I decided to face my deepest, darkest fears and to live a whole and fulfilling life of unconditional love. Most recently, my awareness around this process has come back to light as I have realised a shift and deeper unfolding.
If I had known what was to come seven years ago, I might have been a tad more frightened to jump of the cliff and into the abyss as a lot of these challenging life circumstances happened during this time. At this point, I am eternally grateful I did.
I have recently been connecting with the Archangels every day, several times a day. A few nights ago, the word Seraphim came to me. Prior to this, I did not know that Seraphim are Angels who fly around the throne of God, singing ‘holy, holy, holy’. They are also referred to as the fiery serpents or winged ones, describing fully awakened Kundalini.
Goddess, Gaia, the Archangels and Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, my guides, totems and loved ones have been with me every step of the way, even when I did not acknowledge them or think they were. As I have grown in strength, I have realised they have been right there with me this entire time. They have been supporting me, guiding me and loving me unconditionally. At this point along my journey, I feel them and know they are present, beyond simply hoping they’re with me.
This is true for everyone. All you have to do is tap in, call on the Angels and ask for guidance. You can ask them to reveal themselves to you so you know the Angels specific to you. If you need support with this, please feel free to contact me as I have the ability to tell you who your Angels and guides are. However, you can do it on your own! What I tell you is likely something you already know 🙂
Have faith if you are in a place deciding to jump off the cliff and into the Abyss. It’s not always a cake-walk but it’s necessary and you are protected, taken care of and unconditionally loved. Trust and Surrender!
In Love,