Take Action ONLY when Divinely Inspired


This seems like a pretty bold statement. For me, it has been the difference between miracles happening and slugging along. Take action ONLY when Divinely inspired!
I often feel a strong healthy desire to get my long list of things done for Birthing New Dimensions and in other areas of my life. It seems natural to feel this desire as it is how progress is made. I’ve noticed though, that when I need to complete a task or implement an idea, the moment I feel Divinely inspired to do it, it is effortless and I produce my best work. I feel productive. I feel alive. I feel motivated.
This could be the time difference of a couple of hours or a couple of days; who knows. All I know is that when inspiration comes from the Divine, it flows and it’s perfect.
Two examples of this happened today. I wanted to write a blog post, something I have been enjoying more and more. When I quit my job as a full-time grant writer, the last thing I wanted to do was write, so the fact that I feel inspired to write again is pretty cool. I was out and about, working on my computer and spending the day doing administrative work. I thought that since writing fits in with my activities for the day, there’s no better time to knock out the blog. Well, the ideas were not coming. I sat down and thought about this and that. I really wanted to get the blog done but it just was not the right time. So, I took a deep breath and came home. I stopped to walk barefoot on the grass, to enjoy the magic of my environment, to enjoy a cup of Honeybush Rooiboss tea (a treat from home), and to listen to the birds sing. All of a sudden, it came to me. I was Divinely inspired to blog about this very thing. So, here I am. If it does not feel like right timing, wait until you are inspired! Your work will be of Goddess and it will shine.
The second example has to do with food and nutrition. Recently, I have been struggling with my diet and some health issues. I have seen a couple of health practitioners and I just kept getting more and more overwhelmed. What I need to do is trust my body and my intuition. I need to create space to listen to my body and ask the right questions. Will this food nourish my body at this time? Is this something that will feed my body and my soul and provide me with the right nutrients? While I was at the grocery this afternoon, I decided to take the time to pick up food items I was considering and ask these questions. I waited until I felt an answer and then made a decision. Although this was an unusually long grocery trip, I was Divinely inspired to buy the foods I chose and I look forward to preparing and eating them. I plan to do this every time I go grocery shopping and every time I put food into my body-temple. My body already feels stronger and the overwhelmed feelings are gone. Take the time and you need to take care of yourself and trust the Divine. Trust Divine inspiration. You’re worth it. AHO!
In Love,

Transcending Negative Messaging 


A theme that has come up lately is working through and overcoming negative messaging from childhood. Often, our well-meaning parents and others tell us that we can’t do something or shouldn’t do something because we will not make enough money, because we are not smart enough or good enough etc. The reason our loved ones tell us these things is fear based due to their own misalignment with Source and they project these fears and concerns onto us. It has nothing to do with us!

As children, we tend to internalise what our loved ones tell us as a means to cope with these fear based remarks. It’s a useful coping mechanism and it serves us well as children when we are dependant on our parents and other adults for survival. What happens when we grow into adulthood, when former means of coping no longer serves us?

By this time, pipes have been laid. We have been functioning under the old framework our whole lives and it’s what we have become accustomed to. Then, we begin to feel like something is wrong. We still hear these messages but something about it does not resonate. We become aware that there is a disconnect between what others have been telling us and that which we know to be true about ourselves. Awareness kicks in! Often, this awareness starts out as simply an uneasy feeling but not knowing why. The more we explore these feelings, we realise that the messages we have been hearing are not true. We  begin knowing our truth.

It’s often an unbelievable realisation and takes time to process. It’s an aha moment that often results in feelings of loss and betrayal. If this is true for you, it is important to allow yourself time to mourn, to feel the grief and pain and to come into the knowingness of who you really are. By allowing these emotions to surface, it’s easier to come to a place of acceptance and eventually appreciation.

The extent to which we feel the contrasting experience of who we really are (old negative messaging) is the degree to which we can have genuine appreciate of its opposite (the new knowing). All of these life experiences are a gift. It is how expansion happens.

In Love,


Centrifugal Force


According to Newton, centrifugal force is an inertial force directed away from the axis of rotation that appears to act on all objects when viewed in a rotating reference frame. Lately it feels like I have been going through some sort of centrifugal force where my inner-self or higher-self is the axis and and the rest of me is being spun out so that all the toxic stuff can leave. It’s like I’m on the spin-cycle in a washing machine and Kali Ma is assisting in getting rid of that which no longer serves me. For that, and so much more, I am eternally grateful.

The process has led to quietening, focusing, being alone, only taking care of priorities, only surrounding myself with supportive people, staying committed to yoga and meditation and eating a healthy diet. This morning, right after my yoga practice and during mediation, I had a pretty huge aha moment. I was in the middle of processing this deep and personal realisation when I looked up and saw a Red-tailed Hawk fly right in front of me and land in a tree next to the back deck. I had asked for validation and that’s exactly what I got.

Red-tailed Hawks are symbolic of kundalini energy, psychic vision, clarity and zoning in on intuition. They are also often attacked by smaller birds, symbolic of attacks from others who don’t understand one’s path or process. This is interesting and fitting as I am in the process of releasing this very thing. I am in the process of releasing the attachment I have had to approval from others with whom I have been close. It’s been daunting and scary but moving through it, facing it, and coming out on the other side is freeing. I feel like I am taking flight, just like the hawk.

With Love,