Dream Work


I’ve been living on the water for a little over a month now. Since being on the water, I’ve had over 70 vivid dreams and remember explicit details about nearly all of them. The key to remembering the dreams has been to write them down as soon as I wake up. I have a pen and dream journal right next to my bed, along with a light and glass of water. I write down details of each dream immediately, even if it’s 3:00 am, and sometimes there could be up to six dreams per night.

The other day, I decided to write down a sentence or two about each dream, one below the other, to trigger the memory of the dream and organise them in a way that is easier to reference. While looking at the dreams all laid out and studying them, I began noticing that several dreams were recurring and sometimes the players and scenes were the same but details were different. I noticed themes and sometimes the theme from one dream would follow the theme of a dream from the night before. I have dreamed about family, friends, people I know and don’t know, political leaders, situations in which I find myself, and more. Some of it makes logical sense and some of it does not.

Through this experience, I am learning how to navigate my subconscious in a way that I never could have imagined. I have been processing and releasing past pains, which has allowed a whole new world to open up to me. I am transitioning into a place of deeper connection to my higher-self and the Divine and my intuition is becoming crystal. The veils are thinning at exponential levels and new worlds are opening up.

If dreamwork is something that resonates with you, I encourage  you to ask for guidance from the Divine and set dreamwork intension at night before you go to asleep. Have that pen, dream journal and light handy; it will make a huge difference to your experience and actually writing the dreams down and remembering them so that you can do the work.

I have experienced tremendous results and have opened up, released, and let-go of toxic stuff that I no longer have to hold on to. It’s hard work, but it’s freeing and feels awesome! Much love~