Containing Emotions


Well, good thing my last blog post was partly about not blogging because it’s been a while. I have been listening to my heart and following my intuition (mostly), which has led to this writing.

With everything going on globally and in the U.S. right now, many have been struck with all sorts of unexpected emotions. Right after the U.S. election a few weeks ago, I meandered through feelings of shock, numbness, helplessness, anger, fear, frustration, confusion, and all ’round CRAZY. I kept wondering what I should do about the March on Washington in January or the Standing Rock pipeline, for example. My instincts said to wait and not rush into any decisions. I was feeling frustrated because my ego-self was yelling DO SOMETHING, yet my higher-self was telling me to slow down!

When I was a child growing up in apartheid South Africa, I wished I was an adult so I could do something to make a difference, or when I was in college in the United States learning about the Freedom Fighters, I felt strongly that I would have been on the front-lines fighting alongside. Now, I have the perfect opportunity to be that person but my heart is telling me to slow down and be the light. My heart is telling me to take all these emotions and put them in a container, infuse them with love and redirect the energy positively in daily life.

I am watching this play out from the mundane to my Intuitive work with clients and have realised that the collective consciousness is like a planet in retrograde right now. From our current perspective, it appears (to many of us) that the world is moving backwards, but we are actually still moving forwards. Think for a moment about what astrologers tell us when a planet is in retrograde. Retrograde planets signify unfinished business, communication tends to get wonky and people become more reckless. During the retrograde period, it would be very useful for all of us to re-new, re-write, re-turn, re-do, re-pair, re-schedule and re-store.

For me, this translates to RE-NEWING my commitment to slowing down, being the light and loving more deeply. RE-WRITING  my story through the perspective of the hero’s journey and asking myself continuously: “Is this the decision the HERO in my story would make?” Repeatedly RE-TURNING to Goddess and Gaia as my guiding light. RE-DOING wrongs where I can. RE-PAIRING poor decisions where I can. RE-SCHEDULING if I am not feeling it or its not aligned with my higher-self. And last, RE-STORING as a daily practice through rest, yoga, meditation, healthy eating, nature, exciting conversation and the occasional pampering.

We can only make a healthy and positive impact when we are coming from a place of wholeness, love and light. Then, taking inspired action can move mountains!