New Opportunity


Teachings that turtle energy brings, according to Ted Andrews in his book ‘Animal Speak’, are lessons about motherhood, longevity and awakening to opportunities. The turtle teaches how to use one’s own head and knowledge to right thinking when things get wobbly. The turtle teaches that Pacha Mama provides for all our needs and she teaches us how to slow down and notice opportunities. The way to heaven is through the earth and everything is connected.

Right before I left on my Journey of Love, a dear friend and teacher gifted me with a jade turtle. She has been my travel companion ever since. I came across a turtle in the yard recently and messages are coming through loud and clear! Inspiration, new opportunities, courage, feeling blessed are all words that come to mind when describing the overall feeling of where I am at present.

Years of journeying, work, pain and struggle seem to be cycling around to a point of completion, and it feels great. All in right timing seems to be the theme of the day and for those of you who are in a place of despair and grief or suffering and pain of any kind, know that those feelings are very real and they will cycle around in right timing. It won’t happen until you are ready. Layers get peeled away, sometimes at a slower pace than other times, but as long as your intension is on the path, those layers are getting peeled away and the way you feel will come around and evolve to a place of completion. To a place of inspiration. To a place of new opportunity. To a place of healing. To a place of growth and change.

One very useful way to allow an openness and right thinking is through positive affirmation. Two affirmations, borrowed from Louise Hay’s Book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ are: ‘I love and approve of myself’ and ‘I release the past with ease and grace and joyfully welcome the new’. Every time I find myself going down a rabbit hole of negative thought, I stop and repeat these affirmations over and over again. I am literally rewiring my thought patterns and I am seeing results. I encourage you to do the same.

In Love and Gratitude,


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