Taking Risks


I have always known that there is some sort of creativity tucked away inside me somewhere. I figured there has to be because people have said that everyone is creative in their own way or everything we need is inside us. I believe these things and say them often. So, why have I never accessed the creative part of myself? Is it because I didn’t believe I could actually be creative? Is it because I did not trust myself? Is it because I was afraid of being laughed at or criticised? Or perhaps it was because I was afraid to take the risk.

Choosing to get rid of all my belongings and embark on my Journey of Love across the country for seven months allowed me to get into alignment with who I am, including my creative side. Encountering many unforeseen circumstances and having to navigate my way through them; making decisions while out of my comfort zone; often not having anyone to depend on but myself; being in situations where I simply had to take care of myself regardless of what other people thought, helped grow my confidence and self-worth; it helped me see value in who I am and what I have to offer the world.

At the time, it did not cross my mind that I might start painting when I settled down but the stars aligned and doors opened. I became excited about painting, found supplies on a really great sale, welcomed support from a dear friend (who’s a professional artist), and started painting away. I was nervous at first but my creativity took over and the process became rather meditative and spiritual. I opened up even more and am surprised by my creations. A friend and local business owner offered to put some of my work up in her office. I am grateful for the opportunity and I am going with it.

When I think of me being an artist, I’m still in a bit of a state of disbelief, but I am opening up to the idea more and more all the time. Taking the risk to brave the Journey has allowed me to take other risks, like opening up to this creative force that is me! I am forever grateful to all those who have supported and encouraged me and who continue to support and encourage me along the way! Thank you…



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