Some days seem to be foggier than others – the waxing and waning of life. Through these cycles, we cannot control our exterior environments. When we are in alignment, moving with the tide seems easy. However, when we are not in alignment, the following practice can help get us back where we need to be.

I’ve been doing this thing lately where I imagine myself walking beside my higher-self, the Goddess part of me. Angels, Ascended Masters, my Guides and Goddess are all around. I see myself surrounded by gold and white light, wearing whatever I’m wearing that day – running shoes, jeans, a T-shirt and sweater – looking up to and holding hands with me.

I don’t try to answer questions or figure anything out. I don’t try to problem solve, imagine situations unfolding any one particular way or wishing my outer circumstances were different. I simply let it be.

As life happens, through these trickier times, I rest in a place of trust – trusting my higher-self to direct me, to guide me to solutions that are for my greater good, to be a shining light that I can follow and know that I am loved, that I am safe and supported, that I walk in Goddess’ light, and that taking risks are worth it. That I am worth it!


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