When we, as healers, work with others, often what comes up for the other is a mirror for ourselves. I have become aware of this through my work and I have also heard other healers say the same thing. This fact became evident early on, and, without fail, every time I do a session with someone and reflect back on what has come up, I am able to use the messages on my spiritual path of growth and self-discovery.

It’s really neat the way it happens. Often when the same information comes up for me through doing work alone, I tend to be more resistant to it. Typically, it’s been an issue that has come up on my own, I have shoved it away for a bit due to not feeling ready to work through it, and then it comes up for my client and it’s like a lightbulb shines brightly on the matter all over again.

It’s immensely helpful to know that there is no separation between us. We are all mirrors for each other and we all have work to do. These experiences and interactions with others (positive or negative) would not be happening in our lives if we weren’t a vibrational match to them. They come up for us to work on, through a lens of mindfulness and understanding.

Understanding that we are not our emotions. Understanding that the degree to which we feel whatever negative emotion is the degree to which we are separated from who we really are, from God. The understanding that Source does not discriminate between negative and positive due to Its relentless resolve to provide us with these experiences necessary for self-discovery and growth.

It’s just that it’s a tad easier when we realise that others are working on similar issues and doing the work! We are in this together and expansion is happening. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

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