When we, as healers, work with others, often what comes up for the other is a mirror for ourselves. I have become aware of this through my work and I have also heard other healers say the same thing. This fact became evident early on, and, without fail, every time I do a session with someone and reflect back on what has come up, I am able to use the messages on my spiritual path of growth and self-discovery.

It’s really neat the way it happens. Often when the same information comes up for me through doing work alone, I tend to be more resistant to it. Typically, it’s been an issue that has come up on my own, I have shoved it away for a bit due to not feeling ready to work through it, and then it comes up for my client and it’s like a lightbulb shines brightly on the matter all over again.

It’s immensely helpful to know that there is no separation between us. We are all mirrors for each other and we all have work to do. These experiences and interactions with others (positive or negative) would not be happening in our lives if we weren’t a vibrational match to them. They come up for us to work on, through a lens of mindfulness and understanding.

Understanding that we are not our emotions. Understanding that the degree to which we feel whatever negative emotion is the degree to which we are separated from who we really are, from God. The understanding that Source does not discriminate between negative and positive due to Its relentless resolve to provide us with these experiences necessary for self-discovery and growth.

It’s just that it’s a tad easier when we realise that others are working on similar issues and doing the work! We are in this together and expansion is happening. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Moving Beyond


Out of the blue one day, I decided to browse a bookstore in Fort Collins, Colorado. There wasn’t anything in particular I wanted to purchase but I had a feeling that the right book would jump out at me. I spent quite a bit of time there but did not find anything that I wanted to get. On my way out the door, a book caught my eye, ‘HOW TO READ THE AKASHIC RECORDS’ by Linda Howe. In addition, a book by Rudolph Steiner caught my eye, ‘ISIS MARY SOPHIA’. I decided to pick up both of these books.

I first read the book by Linda Howe (in an evening). It was transformative! Howe wrote about Rudolph Steiner, amoungst others, receiving knowledge and wisdom by accessing the Akashic Records. Steiner’s work on Anthroposophy came to him through the Records, a fact I was not aware of. I then picked up Steiner’s book and this fact was confirmed. His work, too, was transformative and profound on many levels.

Buying Howe’s book was my first conscious step being called to the Records. Through a series of awarenesses, I was compelled to open up to accessing the Akashic Records myself. At first, I had thoughts like: ‘Who am I to think I can do this?’ ‘ How do I know that what comes to me is actually being received from the Records?’ ‘How can I trust myself, let alone impart this knowledge to others?’ ‘What if I’m wrong and the information I share with someone ends up hurting them?’ I battled with these fears for a while but my intuition was strong and somehow I was convinced to do the work.

A series of validating experiences happened; for example, I was working with a client and this crazy scenario came to me. I thought to myself that if I actually shared this with her, she would think I was a nut and run for the hills. I shared what came up and she told me that a couple of years ago, she had a reading by a very well respected Ayurvedic Astrologer who told her the exact same thing. More confirmation and validation happened until I fully trusted.

Opening up the the Records and sharing information from the Records with others has been tremendously healing. Trusting myself and my work, and knowing that each of us always gets what we need, even when life circumstances seem to be in dire straits, has been empowering. The Akashic Records are available to each of us and we all have the ability to access the Records; it’s a matter of making the choice to do so.

In ‘HOW TO READ THE AKASHIC RECORDS’, Howe describes the Records as ‘…a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. This vibrational body of consciousness exists everywhere in its entirety and is completely available at all times and in all places. As such, the Records are an experiential body of knowledge that contains everything that every soul has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence, as well as all its future possibilities.’

Something I found interesting is that the Akashic Records are referred to in several faith traditions, including Christianity. It is written about in several places in the Christian bible; including the Psalms, Hebrews and Revelations, and is often referred to as the Book of Life.

Opening Up


It took a while to process all that I had gone through up until this point. I continued to take care of responsibilities and I started reaching out to my support system. I began enjoying the outdoors, listening to music, and talking with friends again.

As I was catching up with friends over the telephone, something pivotal caught my attention. I noticed that I was getting visions of what seemed like strange things. I also had a knowing that was new to me, and an overall feeling or sensation came over me in a way that had never happened before. I mentioned these things to whomever I was talking with and they confirmed that what I shared was very meaningful and helpful to them. It provided AHA moments and realisations for my friends that were new to them and helpful on their journeys. I had opened to clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairsentience.

I continued to work with friends and started doing readings for them and others. I began holding intuitive sessions for people I had never met before. This was a big step for me in building confidence because the more sessions I did, the more my work was validated. I got a lot of positive feedback from people and they wanted to come back for more.

In the early stages, it was helpful to get this feedback because I kept thinking that I was a loony tune. I continued to work on my self confidence as part of my Journey of Love and at this point, I know that my gift is very real; helpful to me while moving forward on my path, and helpful to others as well. I am doing the work I was born to do and it feels great!

Creating Space

img_2442Writhing about on my yoga mat for what seemed like an eternity was no fun at all. I simply did not have a choice. Something inside my being was trying to squirm its way out and I simply had to endure and accept this uncomfortable reality for a period of time until one day I woke up and it was gone.

A situation unfolded a few days before these three weeks that sent me into a tail spin. Unresolved feelings from my past surfaced and I soon realised I had to go deep within to work them out so that I could move forward. I did not know what forward actually entailed, but I knew I had to tackle this issue head on or it would stay with me. I cried a lot, writhed about, and ate and slept very little. I watched a movie a couple of times for some relief and also forced myself to leave the 350 sq ft carriage house, in which I was staying, to pick up a few groceries. That was about it. I kept wondering when the horrible hell was ever going to end.

I had been asking for support from Goddess, my angels and guides, animal totems and every entity I could think of and finally when I reached the tipping point, it all released. The process was out of my control and a force from beyond took over. I started doing yoga one day and the force started working its way through my being. I did not know what was happening to me but I resigned to the process. Exhausted after these episodes, I would crawl into bed, sleep for a while and wake up finding myself – my body – doing the exact same thing all over again. I kept thinking to myself: ‘What in the world is happening here? This is freaking insane!’

Because these unhealthy and negative feelings were so engrained, I did not notice them. Once the triggering situation happened and I went through this process of allowing the feelings to rise and leave, I realised they had been such a huge part of my experience and my past. After hours and weeks of agony, I started to feel a little better and a little better until I woke up and it was gone. Light entered my being in a way that I had never previously experienced.

By allowing these negative feelings to leave, I had created space for what was to come.


Change on a Dime

img_2744It can change on a dime in the nick of time has been a recurring theme for a while. I started noticing this trend when I began my seven month Journey of Love. At first, I chalked it up to coincidence or I was simply relieved that whatever it was worked out. As the stakes got higher, I realised that there was more to this and that I needed to pay attention. I also started trusting more, knowing that things would work out the way they were supposed to. Why? Because I was following my heart.

Usually, it would go something like this: I would start becoming fearful because something was not going the way I had hoped. I would be resistant to whatever was happening, all the while becoming more and more fearful. I would finally reach my breaking point, release resistance, and everything would shift. The outcome was never what I was hoping for all along, it was always BETTER!

For example, at one point, I picked up my daughter from Denver International Airport, not having a place to go. Through a crazy, unplanned set of circumstances (and super long story), and due to a mistake the central reservation system made, we ended up at The Steamboat Grand at less than half the cost for the next three nights. While at the Grand, I had enough time to map out the next few weeks and everything fell into place.

As scary as those few moments were, there was a knowing inside me, a knowing that everything would work out. In the middle of it all, I told my daughter to watch, that everything would work out and be better than we ever could have imagined. From not having a clue where we were staying that night to staying in a luxurious hotel, enjoying heated salt water pools surrounded by snow in the middle of June; it was quite a treat and feeling to behold.

Trust in the unfolding of life for each of us is always supported, even when it does not feel that way.