The River

img_1734Years ago, at a time when things were particularly tough and when I intentionally began asking more questions about spirituality, I would spend many hours sitting beside the river questioning, crying, contemplating, cursing, and craving; craving answers, results, happiness, joy and love. I would ask questions like, ‘what is it that will actually make me feel happy and fulfilled? What is my life’s purpose? What do I need to do to be at peace with life?’ The more I simply sat there and cried and cried, the less I knew and the more I gave up. It was perfect!

Life went on, I took jobs that paid the bills, and jobs I believed were aligned with my life’s purpose. After I while, I was offered what I thought was my dream job. I worked at the place for over a year. It was an uplifting experience, management was great, my coworkers were awesome, I was earning a good living, making a difference in people’s lives, handling a high level of responsibility, BUT still, I was not completely fulfilled. Back to the river I went.

Over and over, I would think about Lao Tzu’s quote (and still do), ‘Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.‘ I watched the water  flow, moving past rocks and debris effortlessly, naturally moving slower or faster, not concerned with external obstacles. I realised that I needed to shift gears and try to do the same thing with my life.

I learned to move past obstacles with more ease and grace, trusting in my inner-wisdom, knowing that my true-self – my divine-self –  would not lead me astray, that everything was unfolding perfectly, and to accept these challenges and growth opportunities as a means to becoming closer with the divine. I needed to become more patient during slow times and run with fast times, continuing to trust the process every step of the way. The moment I opened to these truths, I shifted and my experience shifted. I opened enough to pack up my life and do the shake up, to begin my Journey of Love .

The river was an integral part of the journey and at every opportunity offered, I would find one to sit beside. Even when driving over a river, I would take a moment to honour her wisdom and strength, ease and grace. I found strength in her. As soon as I returned home, I went to the same river I sat beside all those years ago, closed my eyes, teared up and thanked her! Aho Pacha Mama.

With Love,


Journeying Along

img_2440When I began my Journey of Love, I planned on blogging daily, or at least weekly, to keep everyone updated on my adventure. Despite my best intensions, the journey took on a life of it’s own and now I find myself back in Fredericksburg after seven months of trippy self-discovery (and no blogging). As I travelled around the country, I quickly realised that I needed to take the time to introspect and really learn myself on a deeper level. I am immensely grateful to have had this opportunity and although I am physically back where I started, I am experiencing life completely differently.

One of the ways in which I am experiencing life differently is by trusting myself and listening to my intuition on a level I hadn’t before. I knew I had to reach this place but I was not able to get here while still moseying through life through the maze of old patterning. I needed to leave my normal, shake things up and reset. That I did!

I discovered my life’s purpose. I became confident in who I am and what I am on this planet to do. I became confident in my ability as an intuitive and I opened up to accessing the Akashic Records. How the Journey of Love unfolded, how this work can support others, what this work means to me, and the road ahead are all topics I plan to write about in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned…

With Love,